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  "TDSL is really useful for gaining confidence and making decisions"

Nicole Bettencourt

"This is probably the tool you have been missing"

Jeff Laflamme

"TDSL creates space for me to communicate in a better way"

Diego Gonzales

Learn how to get out of your own way

How we speak towards ourselves determines how well we cope in life.

Learn TDSL and

  • Improve relationships
  • Move on from trauma and painful memories
  • Make better decisions
  • Achieve your goals

Welcome to The Dialogue of Self Liberation!

Welcome To The Dialogue of Self Liberation!

Why people trust us

20 years experience

We understand

It works

Over the last two decades I’ve worked in London, UK, helping people to successfully transform their harmful self-communications and cope with life's challenges.

It's from this experience that The Dialogue of Self Liberation was developed

Fun facts about me: I’m a clinical hypnotist, I play bass guitar, I’m a lifelong martial artist and I teach Taiji and QiGong.

Cheyne Towers


I have a proven track record as a technology entrepreneur, yet in the past, I spent a lot of time telling myself “I’m not good enough”.

TDSL helped me to stop doing that and has enabled me to pursue my dreams free from harmful self-doubt.

Fun facts about me: I’m father to four amazing kids, I practice professional martial arts and I've been acupuncturist to Hollywood celebrities.

Peter Trueman


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